We feel that sustainability starts off with the design philosophy. We strive to make beautiful socks, designed and inspired by fashion and the seasons. Our designs are fashionable and timeless at the same time. Since our socks last very long, creating designs which are fashionable forever is key.

To make sure our quality is outstanding we produce of the finest organic combed cotton (GOTS certified). We steam and press our socks in the factory. This prevents shrinkage and makes the feel ultra soft on your feet. The toe and heel are reinforced so the socks stay perfect over time. In order to push ourselves to come up with new designs and fabrics we work closely with our suppliers in Portugal. Day in day out.

Thinking out of the box about the subject, we decided we had to tackle the mystery of the missing sock. After all, if you lose one sock of a pair, you tend to throw away the other. A complete waste of both resources and the time you spend looking for the missing one. Our socks are designed with a button on the one, and a loop on the other. The only thing you need to do is tie them together and never lose a sock again! We work with our supplier of buttons in Portugal which developed buttons that are made of biodegradable materials, such as wheat together with natural fillers. As strong as any other button, but no plastic leftovers anywhere they should not be.

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